We Make Life, Better

Life Identical has a simple goal: make life, better. We start with the genetic code that connects everyone on the planet, then innovate with industry-leading nanotechnology.

The human body is made of tiny machines. Nanogenetics allows us to control or duplicate these machines for a variety of purposes: fighting disease, repairing damaged vision or hearing, organ harvesting, genetic reproduction and replacement, and more.

Experience Matters

Life Identical is made up of research scientists and engineers who are at the top of their field in nanotechnology, genetics, biology, and chemistry.

Our leadership team consists of executives ranging from diverse fields such as, medical, pharmaceutical, information technology, and banking.

When it comes to nanogenetics, experience counts. Life Identical has experience you can trust.

Human Tissue Regeneration

Manufacturing human tissue and organs was once only possible in the realm of science fiction. Modern nanogenetics makes it possible to become architects with nature’s building blocks.

Can you imagine a world where burn victims grow new skin, where a weak heart is replaced with a strong one, where cancer is nonexistent? We can. And Life Identical respects international laws related to this growing and exciting field of discovery.



Every object in the universe is made of microscopic particles. What if you could disassemble those particles and apply them to another material? You could create one object that also had the properties of another..

Through the use of nanotubes, nanotransmitters, and programmable matter such as claytronics, we hope to build new methods of communication that seem as foreign to us now as mobile phones would have seemed to the pyramid builders.


Personal Genome Testing

Some personal genome tests only give you hints related to probable health risks. Life Identical goes one step further. We provide genetic counseling and use proprietary nanotechnology to alter and enhance your existing DNA. You don't have to live with the DNA you were born with.

To find out more about how Life Identical's genetic enhancement services can benefit your family, please visit our Lab Testing page.

Ethics And Dignity

Life Identical advocates nanogenetic research with ethical integrity that stresses the dignity of all natural human life.

We are strong proponents of the United Nations Declaration on Human Cloning.